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Name:Ghastly One-Eyed Minno
Location:United States of America
Hey, the Minno here. I'm new to Dreamwidth. I have many interests and look forward to making friends here. However, I'm currently in the process of moving halfway across the country, so I'm not really able to update right now. I'll be able to write up a better profile after the move, so consider this a placeholder bio for the moment.

Interests (137):

absurdism, alias, altos, anachronism, ancient civilizations, angst, animals, anime, avatar: the last airbender, azumanga daioh, bass guitar, batman, bayern munich, being dorky, books, britcoms, camp, carbs, character studies, cheesy b-movies, chrono cross, chrono trigger, classical music, cold weather, comic books, complexity, composing music, contact sports, contraltos, creativity, dallas cowboys, dallas stars, deadpool, deep thoughts, drawing, eating, egyptology, explosions, female characters, film noir, final fantasy, firefly, food network, food of any kind, football, foreign languages, girl genius, guitar, gunnerkrigg court, helping people, hiking, history, hockey, humor, indie, kingdom of loathing, laughter, learning new things, legend of zelda, literature, logic, manchester united, manga, marine biology, mechanical things, medieval era, mezzo sopranos, montreal canadiens, mst3k, music, mythology, natural sciences, nature, ncis, negima, novels, obfuscating stupidity, oceanography, old movies, opera, order of the stick, original fiction, originality, other cultures, ouran high school host club, outer space, people watching, piano, pittsburgh penguins, playing devil's advocate, pretending to be a dinosaur, psychology, rain, randomness, reading, realism, research, rock music, rpgs, sarcasm, scarves, science fiction, secret of evermore, silly hats, skip beat!, slayers, snark, snow, solitude, song lyrics, speculative fiction, spider-man, stealthiness, steampunk, stuff blowing up, sushi, tales series, tea, the adventures of brisco county jr, the powerpuff girls, the wallflower, thinking, toe socks, tranquility, travel, trying new things, tv tropes, victoriana, video games, volunteer work, web comics, world building, world history, writing, xkcd, yotsuba&!, yummy noms
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